From Mexico!

Yuletide Caroling Tour!

Springfield Church Group Tour!

Hear about

the past meeting the present first hand in a colorful unique experience.


the sight and sounds of historical Nazareth and a guided tour of the world re-owned

C.F. Martin & Co., Inc.!


Visit Bethlehem and see how much of it has blossomed over the years. It's become a diverse culture hub of history, art and entertainment. 

Hear about the Moravians founders and The Rise and Fall of the Bethlehem Steel and the growth of the modern town surrounding the old mill. 

Call to make a reservations - 610-496-9842 Narrated tours of Bethlehem Pa.

Hours 10:00am to 7:00pm 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

48 hours Advance reservations are required.

Sorry Closed all Holidays weekends

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​​From New York!

The Many people that attend our tours!

Some locals with Family in from California.

Trader Joe's tour!

​​From New York!


Spring Season Tour

SST Dairy Farm, Strawberry Picking, 
Alpaca Petting Tour!

​​Offering Unique Tours and Excursions! 

Visit Bethlehem


Come Ride with Us & Steel the Streets!

 You'll be so Glad you did!

Steel Street Tours, LLC

Tours of Bethlehem Pa. Love to sight see and learn what many locals know about the Bethlehem Steel & Moravian's, then come let us entertain you on our bus!

​Brewery & Distillery Tour!

Christmas Eve Tour.

Birthday Party Tour!

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