The day will start off with a guided tour of the Fonthill 
Castle at 10:30am. Then after the tour it will be lunch time, within a short drive we will be at Jules Thin Crusted Pizza for Lunch. Pizza cost is not included in the ticket price, so you may order how much or how little you like. After the belly is full we'll head on over to the Kids Castle to swing, climb and pretend that we are once again young and free of all the trouble of being a grown up. Okay well not extacally, but if you don't want to relive, your childhood we can skip on by with just a peek out the window just to see what the latest fad is all about in the Playground world.
Oh boy then we'll head on over to Tabora Farms to enjoy a little of everthing for the palate. There is a winery, homemade Ice Cream, bakery and Coffee on the premises. They also have orchards to pick cherrys ad blueberries. Of course dont forget to bring your own baggies to take all the goods home that you purchased. For the finale a Lavender Farm to enjoy the beautiful aroma and a leisurely stroll among the plants. They couldn't have named the Farm any better the Peace Valley Lavender Farm and after all this it should be the most relaxing and enjoyable ride back home. As Steel Street Tours provides the wonderful services of making everyone feel welcome and loved. 
-Departing at 9:00am from the Park & Ride off of 33 and William Penn Highway also second location 9:20am Park & Ride off of 412 behind the Wendy's on Silvex Rd. 
- Ariving back home around 5:00pm
- Cost 35.00 dollars

Special Events

SST Dairy Farm, Strawberry Picking, Alpaca Petting Tour!

Lititz Fire & Ice Tour

Tickets for Spring Tour

Coming June 1st 2019!!!

December 14th, 2019

 Street Tours will be donating five dollars from each ticket sold to New Bethany Ministries to help the homeless, hungry, poor and mentally ill of the Lehigh Valley.
Join us as we dazzle you with a Tour through the streets of Bethlehem to see the Luminaria lights! 

Departing from Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg Campus’s Staff Parking Lot. Advance reservations are a must.

Spring Season Tour

Details coming soon. 

Tours will be an hour long and they will depart as follows:






Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Join us as we head down to the Lititz Fire & Ice Block Party Friday afternoon to beat the traffic. Our tour will start off at the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery for a hands on tour on how to make pretzels. Then it's free range to explore Litilz Main and Broad St. there are many wonderful establishments within walking distance or the Pretzel Bakery. Such as the Appalachian Brewing Company, JoBoys Brew Pub, Isabella's Ice Cream Parlor, Lititz Moravian Sites, Stargazers Wine Shop, and the Bulls Head Public House. Make you own Dinner reservations and in enjoy the block party starting at 5pm. Then we'll depart around 8:30pm to head home.

Join us as we visit the Chanticleer Pleasure Garden a forty-eight-acre botanical garden built on the grounds of the Rosengarten Estate. We will be provided a 60 minute guided tour of the property. Then after walking such a beautiful garden we hope that you built up an appetite, because we will then be off to the White Dog Cafe for lunch to enjoy the doggie decor. Then will head over to the American Treasure Tour Museum, what a crazy museum with so many antique toys and many oddities you won't believe someone collected so many things in just a lifetime. Tour tickets for both the Chanticlee Garden and American Treasure Museum are included. Additional cost will be your lunch.   ONLY $57

Blueberry Picking Good Time Tour!

Luminaria Night Tour: Times and Adult Tickets
Times and Child's Ticket